Word of the Day – cacophonous

#wordoftheday begins today.

Everyday I will put up the word of the day by Dictionary.com. Also everyday I will either use that word in a sentence or a short paragraph or if I am feeling really feisty, a short story.

Try it for yourself. After you read what the word of the day is, write it in a sentence, paragraph or short story of your own. Have fun with it. In no time, you will have a plethora of new words in your writing basket.

cacophonous – (kuh-kof-uh-nuh s) adj. – having a harsh or discordant sound.

‘The room was closing in on me; the cacophonous music threatening to make my head explode. How can anyone call that music? Just please make it stop.

Now your turn. Remember, have fun with it and…..#justkeepwriting  #justkeepwriting

Sock Thief Caught

“Yeah I have your socks Mom. What are you going to do about it huh?”

This little sock thief was then a month shy of being 15 years old. I had to laugh when I saw her curled up in her chair with my pair of socks. It was my fault as I had left them on the floor in our bedroom. Brit has always had an affliction for socks, especially if she gets a pair of them.

However, the next post shows what happens a minute later…

Inviting You to Take a Closer Look

Welcome to my world of words and photos.

Photos only capture a split moment of time but can easily be worth a thousand words. Words can capture any amount of time and can create the most amazing pictures. When the two are put together, the youngest psyches learn volumes of information twice as fast.

This is the reason I created this website. As an author of picture books and Young Adult books, I create different worlds that children may not ever know otherwise.

I have written and told stories most of my life. My children and their friends beg me constantly to tell them new stories and finally after years of storytelling, they encouraged me to put them to paper and get them published as these stories are their favorites and I tell them over and over. I worked in our school district for most of my daughters school years right until my youngest graduated high school. In fact, I worked with all grade levels of students, elementary through high school. The best part of this is that I worked in positions that allowed me to get to know the kids and hear their stories and thoughts on their world inside and out of school. I was very blessed.

Since then, I have been honing these stories.

This website will offer new tidbits daily of my writing or special photos that tell their own story. I may even offer up some silly 60 second stories to tell your kids for bedtime stories; a favorite past time of my girls.

So stop in, take a quick look or a longer look if you feel like staying a while.

No matter the writing, it's all about the words. This site is PG-rated and dedicated to #KIDLIT.

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