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For the Love of Books

bibliotaph – noun

[bib-lee-uh-taf, -tahf]

  1.   a person who caches or hoards books

vapor – noun, verb



  1.   a substance that is in the form of a gas or that consists of very small   drops or particles mixed with the air
  2.   a visible exhalation, as fog, mist, steam, smoke, or noxious  gas,diffused through or suspended in the air:
  3.  a gas at a temperature below its critical temperature
  4.   a substance converted into vapor for technical or medicinal uses
  5.   Archaic.
    1. a strange, senseless, or fantastic notion.
    2. something insubstantial or transitory.
  6.   Archaic.
    1. mental depression or hypochondria.
    2. injurious exhalations formerly supposed to be produced within thebody, especially in the stomach.


7.    to cause to rise or pass off in, or as if in, vapor; vaporize.

8.    to rise or pass off in the form of vapor

9.    to talk or act grandiloquently, pompously, or boastfully; bluster.

10.    to emit vapor or exhalations


Writers write books for many reasons, but for me, the reason is my passion to bring great stories to life for people to read especially children.

I have always enjoyed creative writing since I was old enough to write which was age four. My favorite elementary class was spelling because in that class we had a chance for extra credit by writing a creative story using all of our vocabulary words in that one story. It was quite a challenge and one I excelled at.

When I discovered that Merriam-Webster and offered daily Word of the day words, my brain went into overdrive. I realized I could revamp my love of extra credit vocabulary stories using these two sites. At first, I meant for it to be daily but soon realized that sometimes the word choices for that day were not any fun for me but gave me a chance to work on more of my picture book manuscripts.

My love of words goes hand in hand with me being a bibliotaph. In fact, both of my daughters are bibliotaphs and my older sister too. The four of us have a common dream, to have our very own library within our homes to house our beloved books and have a tranquil place to read comfortably.

In fact, libraries are near and dear to us and we also have one more commonality regarding books, we love the smell of books in a library. As we enter the library, we inhale the smell as if it is a vapor of knowledge that is bestowed upon us.

Knowledge is power. For the love of books, if you want to empower yourself, pick up a book and read it. Good or bad, you will gain insight of some kind.

And for those of you who enjoy writing…

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