Mysterious words magically appear as Word of the Day (WOTD) selections every day. Which words will I use for my story? Depends on which selections strike my fancy for the week and possibly TWO stories in the week.

A heads up about my writing: I give myself one hour to write them and one hour to revise them. Strange huh? My reason is to encourage children, parents, etc. to just write for the fun of it.

I am Traci Bold, a picture book and young adult writer. My interests are too many to list but my passion is to write stories for children that give them a moment to think about something else, a reprieve from daily life. My story may make them laugh, make them cry (hopefully for a happy reason) make them think about things in a different way or transport them to a different time and or place. Most of all, I want them to enjoy it for whatever reason and maybe read it again.

I love words, simply put and my webpage here is always G-PG rated only.

If you enjoyed a story, feel free to share one of your own (G-PG rated only will be accepted) in the comments of my Word of the Day story in which you would like write your own using those WOTD words.


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Fun with words, creatively. For all ages.

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