With Children’s Author, Tara Lazar 

The ABC song is one of the first fun songs we teach our children to sing. Why? Because the alphabet is the backbone for learning to read and write. For some people, reading and writing is not fun. 

My new series, ABC’S OFF THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD offers a new way to have fun with the alphabet. Every week, a children’s author, illustrator, literary agent or editor will share their ‘top of the head’ answers to the newblogphototaraABC category list they were given, A to Z. Following their answers, I ask a few questions to gain a little insight into their world.

Feel free to play along, maybe your answer off the top of your head will match theirs. Enjoy! 

Today we welcome the fabulous and fun picture book author, 2018 Crystal Kite Winner (Atlantic division), RUCCL Co-Chair, and creator of Storystorm (formerly PiBoIdMo), Tara Lazar! Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) 


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Below is Tara’s list of categories from A – Z, and her answers off the top of her head.

ANTONYM FOR AWFUL:   Splendiferous

BOARD GAME:   Candyland


DISNEY MOVIE:   Finding Nemo

EMOTION:   Laughter through tears

FLOWER:  Orchid


HAPPINESS ISA cozy fire, a cup of tea and a good book

INSECT:   Ladybug

JEWEL:   Aquamarine


LANGUAGE:   English

MONSTER:   Manfred

NON-FICTION:   Storyteller: Roald Dahl

OPPOSITES:   Attract

PIRATE NAME:   Lazarrrrrr




TRAIT:   Being funny

UNUSUAL ANIMAL:   Chinchilla        

VILLAIN:   Lex Luthor

WISH:   Happiness


YOUNG ADULT TITLE:   The Murderer’s Ape


ME:  I love your Pirate Name. Lazarrrrr! If you ever decide to change careers and be a pirate, you only have to add a few r’s to your last name. What would be your favorite part of being a pirate?

TL: Having a peg leg !


ME:  Hahaha! You have such a good sense of humor; same as Mother Nature. Cold weather held on well into late spring this year for the Northeast and upper Midwest. And on the occasional cold summer day, your Happiness Is answer is splendiferous. What is the last good book you have read?

TL: THE TRAIN OF LOST THINGS by Ammi-Joan Paquette.


ME:  Oooooo, that’s on my Want to Read list!

Soooo, napping or reading, hmm. Hard to nap when you have a good book to read. But, few people know that napping is a true superpower. Children who fight taking a nap are missing out. What advice do you have for children and adults who do not take advantage of engaging this superpower?

TL: Don’t walk through life like a ZOMBIE ! 


ME:  Fantastic advice.  (Besides, your muscles get stiff when walking like a zombie. 😊 ) Please tell us more about Manfred the Monster!

TL:   He’s enormous and orange, with three eyes and a row of razor-15945853sharp teeth. But he’s a shaggy, loveable lump of a monster. (Just read THE MONSTORE to find out.)


ME:   I did read it! Your books are like candy for me. Speaking of candy… Candyland is often the first board game children play. It’s simply magical. Who doesn’t want to take a sweet journey through Candyland? Medusa is who!

If Medusa were to have her own board game, what would her game objective be?

TL: She already has a board game—Snakes and Ladders.


ME:  You are on a roll Tara! I never made the connection before between Medusa and Chutes & Ladders; but I see it now.

A strange turn of events for your unusual (also endangered) animal, is that by owning a chinchilla as a pet (not as a fur coat-YUK!), owners are helping to keep them from becoming extinct. In fact, chinchillas in the wild are expected to become extinct early in the 21st century. (You can find out why here: Why are chinchillas endangered?) Though these rodents are adorable and can be taught to play with humans, they are also hyperactive and high strung. What activities should a chinchilla owner provide for their adorable pet to counteract their hyperactivity?

TL: Bouncing on a yoga ball.


ME:  Sounds like a calming activity for both owner and pet.

Gemini is the astrological sign of the twins. And in my experience, Geminis also have a remarkable trait of being funny. (Not sure if you are a Gemini or not, but you do have the wonderful trait of being funny!) Using as many of your category answers as possible, and off the top of your head, can you give us a funny synopsis of a story with twins as the main characters? And will you share with us any upcoming projects you have coming out and are working on?

TL:  As you wish. Twins named Lex & Luthor pair up with the dread pirate Lazarrr and have fun storming the castle. 

I just finished a hilarious story that takes place in a candy shop! As a huge fan of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, this manuscript is a dream come true. 


ME:  You had me at …in a candy shop! But alas, I too am a huge Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fan. I can’t wait to read your story when it hits the shelves.

Thank you Tara for playing the ABC Game with us. 20759614 24989936 24612756

Readers, want more Tara Lazar books? Check out your local indie bookstore for them. For signed, personalized copies of her books, call THE BOOKWORM in Bernardsville, NJ 908-766-4599. 

You can also find Tara on these social medias:

twitter: @taralazar

instagram: @taralaser

Thank you for stopping by today to read ABC’S OFF THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD. May you have a fantastic weekend!




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