With Young Adult author, Charlotte Bennardo 

Friday, November 10, 2017

The ABC song is one of the first fun songs we teach our children to sing. Why? Because the alphabet is the backbone for learning to read and write. For some people, reading and writing is not fun at all.  Char-0026

My new series, ABC’S OFF THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD offers a new way to have fun with the alphabet. Every week, a children’s author, illustrator, literary agent or editor will share their ‘top of the head’ answers to the ABC category list they were given, A to Z. Following their answers, I ask a few questions to gain a little insight into their world.

Feel free to play along, maybe your answer off the top of your head will match theirs. Enjoy!

Welcome young adult/middle grade author, Charlotte Bennardo, to today’s edition!  

Blonde ops        sirenz        Sirenz Back in Fashion FINAL

Below is Charlotte’s category sheet and her answers off the top of her head.

ANIMAL:  squirrel

BODY OF WATER:  Caribbean Sea

CANDY:  Snickers!

DECADE:  90s

EVERY CHILD…:  should have books!

FISH:  Dory!

GAME:  Scrabble

HAPPINESS IS…:  a cup of chai, a good book, a purring cat and fuzzy blankie on a cold day.

INVENTION:  pool heater! Can swim spring & fall!

JUNK FOOD:  ice creammmmmmmmm

KNOW HOW TO:  house paint like a pro.

LAUGH (WHAT MAKES YOU):  Slapstick humor like ‘Home Alone’

METAL:  18k gold…

NUMBER (FAVORITE & WHY):  11-my birthday is 11/11, I was born in the 11th hour.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITY:  swimming in my pool! (or the Caribbean…)

PASTIME:  crafts- used to do them, now, no time, I’m writing!

QUIET WORD:  Library!

RANDOM THOUGHT:  Is it too late for tea and cookies?

SYNONYM FOR GREAT:  fantabulous!

TOY:  yarn – and a cat.

UNUSUAL COLOR:  peacock green  

VILLAIN:  Darth Vader

WISH:  can’t tell you. yet.

XANADU FOR YOU:  beachside, Caribbean, book in hand, cold drink, tropical breeze.

YELLOW THINGS:  sun! daffodils! Little girls’ dresses! Easter eggs!

ZOO:  Berlin Zoo

ME:  There is a common word in your answers…Caribbeanbeach And since you have a series out…

Evolution Revolution 1  Evolution revolution 2  Evolution revolution 3

 I am guessing you like series. Have you ever wanted to be in the ‘PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN’ movies?

CB:  Sailing the seas! Adventure! Treasure! And I get to swing a sword? Who wouldn’t?

ME:  Good point! If Darth Vader snuck into the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies, what do you think he would want to accomplish?

CB: He’d have a big black ship and be the baddest pirate and control all the seas…

ME:  Darth definitely has his work cut out for him then. But what a fun book series it would make! I believe there would be a slapstick element to it. Like you, I love slapstick humor, especially the HOME ALONE movies. They are fantabulous! Every time I paint in our house, visions from those movies make their appearance and I pray I don’t dump the paint. You say you can paint your house like a pro. What is your current color palette and have you ever painted a room in an unusual color?

CB: My living room is sage green, family room beige, dining room is pale golden yellow, kitchen is peach, my office is a mauvish-rose, my bedroom in Tuscan gold, and my master bath is a Tuscan-orange. But the most unusual was when I painted the bedroom in metallic, burnished gold. (I was going for an Egyptian theme, but the hubs hated it… Not a man of vision.)

ME:  Not the colors Darth would pick but definitely ones I love! Your house sounds serene.

Why did you pick the 90’s as your decades answer?

CB: So many good things were going on! Had my 3 boys, was able to write full time, I was feeling great- and I hadn’t lost anyone I loved…

ME:  I agree, it was a good decade. 😊 And cool new toys were being developed. But one of the best toys ever came long ago…a ball of yarn. kitten So many uses and so fun to watch a cat play with. Is it too late for tea and cookies?

CB: Never! I was trying to be sensible by not eating after dinner (but that never works out).

ME:  Sensible is never much fun. What happens if you combine Snickers and ice cream?

snickersyum scooping ice cream

CB: Children magically appear.  

ME:  HAHAHA!!!! Best answer ever! I hope your boys read this post. 😉

I know you are not supposed to tell what you wish for but can you give us a tiny clue? And if not, will you tell us about any upcoming projects you have or give us a juicy tidbit of fun news?

CB: Have to sew my lips together on the secret (for now), but I can tell you I have a new middle grade series I’m working on, fractured ‘classics.’ The only thing juicy was the dead mouse my cat gifted me with. The bug might have been juicy; she ate it. 

ME:  Cats know how to present, don’t they? At least your cat was thoughtful enough to take care of both pests for you. Not sure if she was intending on you eating the mouse and was sharing it, or instead being selfish in eating the bug, but it’s the thought that counts.

As for the new middle grade fractured classics series…YAY!!!!!

We will look for an announcement about your secret on your webpage!

Thank you so much Charlotte for playing the ABC Game with us and letting us into your world. By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY one day early!!!!! We Scorpios rock. 😊 (Mine is the 14th) 

Readers, thank you for being a part of this blog and catching up with Charlotte today! If you would like to know more about her including her social media and how to buy her books, her bio is below.

Until Hollywood calls, Charlotte lives in NJ with her husband, three children, two needy cats and sometimes a deranged squirrel. The Evolution Revolution trilogy: Simple Machines, Simple Plans, and Simple Lessons are her first solo novels. She is co-author of Blonde Ops (St. Martin’s/Dunne) and the Sirenz series: Sirenz, Sirenz Back In Fashion, (Flux), and one of 13 authors in the anthology, Beware the Little White Rabbit (Leap). To put books in the hands of kids, she contributed to the fundraising ebook anthology of horror, Scare Me To Sleep. She’s written for magazines and newspapers, and has given presentations and workshops at NJ SCBWI conferences, schools, libraries, and other venues. Currently she’s working on sci fi, historical, fantasy, and time travel novels for middle grade, young and new adult readers. Connect with her on Twitter (charbennardo), Author Charlotte Bennardo on FB, on Pinterest and Instagram as Charlotte Bennardo, and through her blog, 

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!!



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