Cucurbit Creative Activities for Fall

October 4, 2017 Word of the Day post cucurbit

cucurbit – noun


1.   a gourd.
2.   any plant of the gourd family.
3.   Chemistry. the gourd-                                                        shaped portion of an alembic, a vessel formerly used in distilling.
Autumn activities abound in the world of art. Creativity thrives. Especially in October.
Mother Nature has given us plenty to be creative with both in culinary and decoration. A favorite natural resource for fall is the cucurbit; and there are plenty varieties to choose from.
Consider these bulbous wonders as you plan fun things to do with your family or friends.
Here are some helpful websites to give you ideas or even offer instructions.
Happy cooking and crafting in and out of the kitchen!


pumpkin tomato basil meatballsacornsquashcookies1cmp1
 gourd faces
                                                             [photo credit:]

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