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This is my 50 words or less children’s story in honor of Dr. Seuss’s Birthday and for Vivian Kirfield’s #50PreciousWords contest. 50 Precious words Enjoy! Thank you Vivian for this opportunity. You rock!


(50 words)

By Traci Bold

Winter is coming!

Squirrel must bury his food.

In a place…

Just right.

Or I’ll forget.

Let me help. Near a shrub.

Which one?

Under the fir.

Not my fur!

By the house.

Humans will find them.

Among the garden.


Below the trellis.

Good spot…

Perfectly center.

Just right.



    1. Thank you Kathy. I have been working on this story for a few months and this contest was perfect for revising it to make it’s best revision to date. Squirrels are so fun to watch which I do a lot of from my writing window.


    1. I was thinking the same thing. You went for the ‘nuts’ word and I struggled with it since I don’t actually mention nuts in the story. Your “nuts” works well. I love your story. Oh and thank you!


  1. I have these little lanterns on my driveway that I light up for Halloween, every year when I go to put the lights in them, I find them loaded up with acorns lol. Your story was so cute and reminded me of where my squirrels hide their nuts. Well Done!


    1. Maria, I watch them dig up my yard constantly and when they climb the fence to the garden next to my house, they always look up at the window to see if anyone is watching and sneak around digging holes in my garden as well. I have had to dig up numerous saplings which I always replant. Fun little dickens they are! Thank you!


    1. Vivian, squirrels are so fun to watch and they hide their nuts everywhere in my yard and garden. I have a store of them in my wood shed this year as the door partially broke off and they can squeeze in. Thank you!


  2. As a memory doctor/dementia specialist, your story was especially meaningful to me. As a writer, I appreciate how you told a story in a nutshell. I love how you chose to center the text, so perfectly reflective of how and where the story and the acorn end up!


  3. Hi Traci – I too love watching squirrels play (for me that’s in Central Park NYC). What a fun diversion and inspiration to watch them from your writing window! I love your story – a lot of cute action packed into 50 precious words! Well done!


    1. Melissa, I get to watch those Central Park squirrels soon myself! Will be there soon moving my daughter out there. She’ll be on upper west side about 10 blocks northwest of central park. Thank you for the wonderful comments. 🙂


    1. Lol Joanne! You are so right about them forgetting. That’s part of the fun in the winter and spring is watching them play ‘seek’ all over my yard from playing ‘hide’ in the fall. Thank you!


  4. My dog is pretty nervous of squirrels since they’re almost the same size as him. I enjoy watching them in our backyard though, they’re always busy. Great story, Traci!


  5. My little girl loves chasing squirrels and the squirrels love teasing my little girl with their acorns. Well, maybe they’re not really teasing, but my little girl thinks they are. 🙂 This story was ‘just right’!


  6. Love your entry, Traci! I live in the mountains and watch the squirrels outside my window all day long as they stash peanuts in their mouths…hurry away to bury them…and hurry back to grab some more. I always wonder how they will remember where they buried them. Your depiction is perfect! Well done!


    1. How cool you live int he mountains Jill! The squirrels are so crazy as they bury their nuts. Makes me happy that you say I depicted their antics perfect. Thank you so much!


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