MAY WE NEVER FORGET (may we learn from history by staying strong and unified as a country)

As the 15th anniversary of that horrible day in 2001, we really should celebrate it as a holiday.

How can such a horrific event be a holiday? Holidays are meant for celebrations.

Many cultures believe that when a person dies, the living should celebrate the deceased persons life on earth and their passing on to a better place. This may be done with a gathering or feast where memories are shared, stories told and people unite. There are tears but those tears are not only for grief but also for joy in remembering.

9/11 should be the same but on a national scale: a noted holiday like D-Day.

This is how we can celebrate:

First, honor all who lost their lives that day by remembering how they died and giving a moment of silence to pay respect. Second, celebrate the memories of them by retelling their stories. And third, celebrate how our citizens came together to help one another and realize we are all humans, period. No ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or difference of appearance mattered then and should not matter now in how we treat each other. 911-quote-mayor-guiliani

We cititzens, we’re all the same, equal because of what we are: Americans. (As it should be.) Therefore, we celebrate each other’s uniqueness.

My hope is that this anniversary marks a new beginning; that we remember we are people, Americans. And by Americans I mean a melting pot [remember SchoolHouse Rock!] of    lady-liberty-school-house-rock great-american-melting-pot-recipe meltingpot-pic1  humans who care for one another as humans should. By American, I mean our differences (gender, looks, ethnicity, religion, skin color, sexual orientation, etc.) do not define us but are a part of what makes each of us American. Those characteristics individually help make each of us unique and special. What should define us as a person is how we treat each other and all other living beings. Period.



Remember the events that happened September 11, 2001. Pay respect to those who lost their lives. Honor them by not repeating such hateful disregard for human life and celebrate the unity shown that day and the days, months, years that followed by helping one another as ‘We the People’ of America can and should.

Bless you all. Together, we CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

#AmericaStrong #911Unity #DiversityRocks #WeThePeople #holiday





4 thoughts on “MAY WE NEVER FORGET (may we learn from history by staying strong and unified as a country)”

  1. traci,
    My son lost a good friend that day. YOu’ve reminded me to send a note to his parents. thank you. I agree and appreciate your thoughts. It shouldn’t take a crisis for us to come together as a nation and a people.
    Let’s do it everyday.


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