All of this fuss about bees being endangered is just fluff right? Bees are mean, they sting and buzz too close. Who needs them? Let them all die.

NOOOOOOOO! The world needs bees.

Then why are so many people scared of them? Because they do not know better or because they are allergic to them.


Fact: Bees sting. Why? They sting to protect their home and themselves if they are frightened or threatened. They do not sting because they just want to.

Fact: Wasps are not bees and will sting just for the heck of it if they are annoyed and to hunt .


can you tell a bee from a wasp

Fact: Bees are hairy or furry. Wasps are sleek and smooth.

bee on monarda wasp

Fact: Wasps kill other insects like caterpillars and spiders and eat them and feed them to their larvae. These carnivores eat beneficial insects (nature’s natural pesticide) which rid us of harmful insects that destroy crops and flowers.

wasp eating caterpillar www.bugguide.net

Fact: Favorite colored flowers are yellow, blue and purple.

Fact: Bees are beneficial to humans. Why? Number one, they are the primary pollinator for many food sources that the world relies on. Number two, a species within this group of insects is the only insect that makes food that we humans can eat: HONEY! (aka: liquid gold) made by honeybees, naturally. [There are hundred of benefits of honey but that’s a blog for a different day]

honey liquid gold thespiritscience.net

Fact: The average honeybee makes 1 1/2 teaspoons of honey in their lifetime.

honeybees making honey keywordpicture.com

Fact: A bee carries half her weight in pollen which rubs off on other plants as she flies to them.

Fact: Bees cannot fly in the rain and are slow flyers with top speeds up to 15 mph.

Fact: To make just one pound of honey, a colony of honeybees flies 55,000 miles and gathers pollen from 2 million flowers.

Fact: Humans rely on bees to pollinate 1/3 of all food grown that we eat.

Fact: Female bees do a ‘waggle dance’ to tell fellow bees the distance and direction of pollen and nectar rich plants.

human bee round dance albertdock.com Not the round dance, this dance: waggle dance what-when-how.com

Fact: Large spiders will kill and eat bees. (Guess the spiders have it coming when wasps eat them).

Fact: Female bees have pollen baskets on their back legs to store it.

honeybee with pollen basket bioquicknews.com

Fact: Only bees can make wax. We humans use their precious wax for cosmetic use, candles and so much more.

beeswax uses www.naturallyloriel.com

Fact: It’s the yellow jackets (wasp family) that people are most afraid of as they hang around picnic sites to eat sweet food and they will sting if swatted at because they are protecting their new found food source that humans provided them. (According to the yellow jackets)

yellow jackets on watermelon buzzfeed.com

Fact: Species of bees include: carpenter bees, alkali bees, bumblebees, mining bees, honeybees, leafcutter bees, mason bees, and sweatbees.

Fact: Bumblebees, alkali bees, mason bees and sweat bees are endangered almost to extinction.

Fact: Bumblebees are the primary pollinators for blueberries, cranberries and tomatoes.

Fact: 50, yes 50, species within the bumblebee genre are extinct now. Gone forever. No more. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

Fact: Bees need a balanced diet, just like humans, to survive and not get diseases.

Fact: Pollution, loss of habitat, pesticides, disease and parasites are responsible for the incredible loss of bees worldwide.

pesticide wakeup-world.com

Fact: Many flower and vegetable seeds are sprayed and packed with insecticides which after planting and growing, the bees absorb and shorten their lifespans.





Fact: The world needs bees. If they went extinct, the world would be in dire straits not too long after.




produce without bees

Please keep the buzz about bees going. Our lives depend on it. For further kid-friendly reading check these books out:

PB bee books

buzz about bees amazing bees From Flower To Honey (Start to Finish: Nature's Cycles) Are You a Bee? Bee & Me Bees (Under The Microscope: Backyard Bugs)

Bees Bees

This is all I have to buzz about. Be a bee enthusiast and help save them; you’ll be saving future generations of all living beings as well.




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