The Heart of the Matter Matters to Animals

Awww. Aren’t they cute? Wow! Isn’t he ferocious?

Visit any zoo or nature preserve and you may hear the comments above as visitors take in the lovable sights and sounds of animals.


But what if you cannot take your child to a zoo or a nature preserve? Money may be the issue or transportation or both. No matter.

A stroll in an area with trees will offer squirrels and birds and maybe bunnies below and insects galore. Just find a natural area that is not urban.

However, there is a way to introduce your children to animals without having to see them at a zoo or a nature preserve. Visit your local library. Books about animals, every animal you can think of, are abundant at the library.

Animals need the new generations to care about them to give them a voice for the future.

waiting for ice


Good question. The answer is scary though.

Hundreds of animal species throughout the world are in real danger of becoming extinct. They are in fact on the endangered species list or worse, near extinction list and the cause is the adult humans who have decided to encroach on animals natural habitats for their own greed by building homes and high rises and more farmland. Also, in many cases, the animals are poached, also for greed. And last, the speeding up of climate change due in part to earth pollution. Therefore, the heart of the matter is that animals need more humans to care about them because THAT MATTERS to them and it should matter to all humans.

the great monkey rescue saving the golden tamarins

If we can get our children to love the animals as much as many animal advocates do and teach them about animals and the real need to keep them on earth in healthy habitats, then humanity will prevail and future generations will have animals to enjoy in their natural habitats.

Sound good?

There are many children’s authors who write about animals in both fiction and non-fiction stories. Three of my favorite #kidlit animal authors so far are Jim Arnosky, Janet Halfmann (a sample of Janet’s books is featured in this posts header photo) and Sandra Markle. In fact, I am working my way through all of their books to learn as much as possible about all of the animals they write about which is A LOT!

Both Janet Halfmann and Jim Arnosky write not only non-fiction stories about animals, they also write fiction picture books about them that offer facts on the animals at the end of their books.

every autumn comes the bear slow down for manatees otters under water rattlesnake dance

The books above can be found in the picture book section. Or ask a librarian for help to find them. The books below are examples of  Jim’s non-fiction books about animals.

jim arnosky's wild world frozen wild

These are a couple of Janet’s books that I read over and over.

little skinks tail narwhal unicorn of the sea

As for Sandra Markle, many of her books are non-fiction picture books offering so many facts that your child will feel like he/she knows the animals best.

A couple of my favorites of hers are:

little lost bat the long long journey gotwit

And those are just a tiny sample of wonderful books about animals you can find at the library. And if the library does not have a book title you want, you can always ask them to order it in to be checked out.

For more reading fun check out these author webpages:










2 thoughts on “The Heart of the Matter Matters to Animals”

  1. Trsci, I love this post as I love reading books about animals. This winter I discovered the National Geographic Encyclopedia about animals. I”m sorry I don’t have the exact title available to me. This is a fascinating book with many close-ups and also has features of real -live people including many women who work with animals. I will definitely check out these authors. thanks! sue >


    1. Sue,
      Janet Halfmann is one of Wisconsin’s own kidlit writers and she is wonderful. I am friends with her as she is the second person I met in SCBWI two years ago.
      These are all great reads. Enjoy!


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