Add Oomph and Save Some Lives

Roar! Climb. Quack! Cuddle.

These are common action words used in picture books with an animal as their main character (MC). The story also focuses on what the MC has a dilemma with, the obstacles in their way as they work at solving their dilemma and then how that MC finally resolves it.

However, if you want to really add some oomph into your story, add facts in. This can be accomplished by

  1. Adding facts into the story itself. (ex.: ‘Hugo shot straight up but spiraled down in aerial stunts, his bright red throat gleaming, to catch Lucy’s attention.’) Hugo is a male hummingbird who is vying for the attention of a female hummer. This is exactly how male hummers do this. male ruby hummingbird
  2. If you are not incorporating facts into the story that are distinct, then you can add them in as back matter to the end of the story as a bonus. With this option, you can pull out interesting, cool facts that are not well known. Do some deep digging to find these though and include your resources at the end to show credibility.

Besides oomph to your story, you are also adding an element of learning that may stick with the reader long past the story is finished.

In the case of animals as MC’s, awareness can be brought out about the plight of such animals. Especially if said animal is an endangered species or even near extinction. You now have a chance to nudge the young minds into conservation mode to help these animals from becoming extinct. With so many good books on endangered animals, you have an abundance of resources available.

Here are a few great books I have read recently on endangered species:

wildlife heroes THE KOALA BOOK snow leopards rhino rescue endangered animals of asia tiger animals in danger

And there are thousands more. Look in the children’s and adult section of the library to find your animal of choice.

Besides entertaining your readers, you can enlighten them too with little known facts.

So amp up your writing and sharpen your research skills. Your books may well save some lives.







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