So You’ve Graduated…Congratulations!!!!!

jimjams – noun


( used with a plural verb) Slang.
1.  extreme nervousness; jitters.
tassel – noun, verb
[tasuh l]
1.   a decoration made of a bunch of strings fastened at one end
2.   a flower or group of flowers at the top of a cornstalk
3.   (used with object) to furnish or adorn with tassels.
4.   (used with object) to form into a tassel or tassels.
5.   (used with object) to remove the tassel from (growing corn) in order to improve the crop.
6.   (used without object) (of corn) to put forth tassels (often followed by out).
So you’ve graduated. You’ve turned that tassel to the other side. Congratulations on a new phase in your life. congrats grad (photo credit:
If you’re a college graduate, you know everything you need to know about living on your own independently. Right? Probably not. Well, you’re not alone. Though I can tell you, your school years were your easiest part of your life in the grand scope of things.
If you graduated kindergarten, fifth or eighth grade, you now move on to  higher education within your school system but you get to make more of your own choices.
Maybe you graduated high school. That is fantastic!  You have two options really, get a job and get an early start into independent adult life or go to college, technical school, etc. and learn a career or trade. All are great options so make your choice based on you, not what everyone else thinks you should do.
technical school(photo credit:
Turning that tassel is when the jimjams set in. Especially if you are a college graduate. Plenty of college students pay for their own college education, living expenses, etc. and understand the financial burden of doing such. They also know the extreme importance of how far a dollar stretches. They too have a chunk of financial debt to pay for that new found knowledge that is supposed to land them a great job for the independent adult world. College students who paid little to none of their education but took out loans and had parents help  offset the cost are the ones who are in for more of a shell shock upon college graduation.
graduation ride(photo credit:
Their ride into the post college world is often anxiety ridden. These college grads did not do internships to get a taste of the working world or work steady jobs in college to help pay part of their bills. In fact, these grads were done a disservice by their parents helping them out so much. These grads now have to ‘adult up’ in a hurry like their ‘high school graduate’ counterparts did when they chose to enter the workforce following high school graduation.
The new world is daunting, especially if the graduate did not make plans during college to get themselves a job in their field post graduation. There is help for you though to figure it out. Maybe you don’t want to rely on your parents to do your thinking for you anymore so you can flex your independence.
Well, now you have to find a job. Can you move back home to your parents or crash with friends until you find a job? If so, then immediately start sending out job applications and resumes to every place close to where you’re living. Then apply for temp jobs or any job you can do and work that until you land a job in the field of work you want to get into. The pro of this is it gets you making money that you can save for when you move out on your own finally and also to start paying for those bills you’re parents have been paying for you to help you out. After all, you are out of school now and the only reason you went to college in the first place was to get an education to get you a decent paying job when you became independent. Your parents would like to retire someday and paying for their grown kids bills will not allow them to do that. (Your parents could then become your financial burden later on if they cannot continue to save for retirement because they’ve helped you out too long)
Next, once you have applied for your dream jobs, follow up with them if you do not hear anything from them in a week. Do not be a pest but do be persistent. This let’s the employer know you are a serious contender and willing and wanting to work.
If you have aspirations to live somewhere else, then do your research online and find jobs in that area and apply. Follow through. Make sure you have saved enough money to move there when you land the job. This takes planning so research that too and listen to parents on this one if they have advice to give. Their advice is free. Most everything else in life is not. You don’t have to take their advice but chances are they have been there, done that and have wisdom to back them up. (someday you will be the wise parent)
Every one has a dream and every one should go after that dream. Use your wits and knowledge to land that dream and make it happen. It lands on you. No one else is responsible for making your dream come true. It’s all you!
promised land (photo credit:
Once you have landed a job you like, pay your bills and save up enough money to move out. You may have to get a roommate and that’s just fine. That cuts your living expenses so you can save money for your retirement. Yes, I said retirement.
Here are more websites on gaining independence that can help you should you seek it:
If you are unsure, ask someone who can actually help. Talk to trusted people. (Every one has an opinion so don’t ask every one. )
You now have more tools in place to help you succeed so embrace your jimjams now that you’ve turned that tassel and be who you were meant to be. You can do it! You have it in you. But YOU have to take charge and make it happen. Congratulations Graduate now grab your place in the world!  earth (photo credit:

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