Kid Friendly Politics: What You as a Kid Need to Know

blank – adjective, noun, verb



  1.   without any writing, marks, or pictures
  2.   having empty spaces to be filled in with information : not yet written in or filled out
  3.   without any recorded sound or information
  4.   not showing any emotion
  5.   used before a noun: stated in a very direct and certain way
  6.   to suddenly stop showing letters, images, etc…
  7.   void of interest, variety, results, etc.


     8.   a place where something is lacking; an empty space:

     9.   a space in a printed form, test, etc., to be filled in

    10.   a printed form containing such spaces:

    11.   the object toward which anything is directed; aim; target.


12.   used with object: to cross out or delete, especially in order to invalidate or void

13.   to keep (an opponent) from scoring in a game.


rabble-rouser – noun

[rabuh l-rou-zer]

  1.   a person who stirs up the passions or prejudices of the public,usually for his or her own interests; demagogue.


2016 is a big year in politics and all age people are aware of it in some way.

As a kid should you care about politics? You betcha! You are an important person in this country and all laws and issues will apply to you someday if not now.

Adults should be paying close attention to each candidate in all political parties. Parties are groups of people who back one theory of political conscious. Each party supposedly represents specific ideals that our great country was founded on. Therefore, if you believe in those those ideals, you would support that political party. Examples are Democrats, Republicans (these are the main two), and Independents. There are sub categories but those are for a different discussion on a different day. Also, you have the right to decide if you want to join or support a specific party, it is your choice no matter what your parents, friends, etc. are.

democrats republicans independent party

The bigger question is, should you/children follow politics? When children are old enough to ask questions, they are old enough to start learning about this daunting practice of political affairs. So if you are reading this or your parent/caregiver is letting you read this, you are old enough.

First, politics have been around for a very long time. Long ago the law of the land was a blank slate but those days are milleniums past.

Second, most kids learn about political parties and candidates by hearing other people talk about them. This may be good or bad. Therefore, in my opinion, it is always best to find out the correct information and get the facts for yourself. Plenty of rabble-rousers are out there to stir up trouble or get their own ideas planted into others heads for their own greedy purpose. As a kid, you can combat this. Here are some ways:

Simply ignore these people. This tactic works well with bullies too if you can handle it. Rabble-rousers just bully in more subtle ways.

no bullying

Gather information from reliable sources: the newspaper, unbiased magazines such as ‘Time’ ‘Newsweek’, ask your local librarian for factual resources.

If you get a chance to meet a candidate (some will visit schools) ask questions and don’t make them easy, ask what you want to know.

Have you ever heard a rumor or been part of one? Well, if you heard one, did you gather the information yourself or ask the person the rumor is about if their was any truth? probably not as that is scary enough on it’s own. the best you can do then is to ignore it. If you are really brave, you can ask the person yourself (they may really need someone on their side so they may be really happy you asked instead of just following the pack).

rabble rouser

Politics are the same way. The internet is loaded with facts but also with many rumors about any subject you like, especially politicians. Books can be the same way but the internet is the easiest way to spread horrible lies and rumors about people. Some of the politicians themselves will become rabble-rousers simply to get the heat off of themselves. This is a terrible practice and of course unfair. Just because it was done to them does not make it any better that they did it to someone else.

You as a kid do not yet have the right to vote but you have the right to learn about the laws of this country and how they affect you, even as a kid. Always fight for your rights. I do not mean by physically fighting as that usually never solves the problem, but arming yourself with factual knowledge.

Possible issues that may concern you:

  • health insurance-being able to seek medical attention when needed is important
  • wages-at 16 years old, you will be able to work. as an adult, you want to make a living wage so you do not starve or cannot afford to pay for a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear or insurance to keep you safe
  • discrimination-people are discriminated for many reasons which affects, getting a loan, getting a job, a promotion
  • education-every US citizen should have the right to a wonderful education
  • safe water to drink
  • safe food regulations to keep you healthy

time magazine

This is my advice, find reliable sources about issues and political candidates that you are interested in and research them. If you read or hear things about them, verify that the information is correct. Do not let people lead you blindly to think a certain way without giving it serious thought and attention.

You may not have a blank page about political issues and candidates but you can start your own journey to learn more about them without prejudices getting in your way. My plea, don’t be a rabble-rouser, there are too many around as it is. If you pay attention tot he candidates, you can see for yourself, most of them are ones already.

Remember this: YOU ARE A KID, YOU MATTER!!! Why? Because you are a huge apart of this country’s future.





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