About My Kid Friendly Word of the Day Stories

I decided an anniversary description of my ‘Word of the Day’ stories was in order since it has been over a year since I started doing them.

supercilious – adjective

[soo-per-sil-ee-uh s]
1.   haughtily disdainful or contemptuous, as a person or a facial expression

In writing these stories I gave myself just one day to use either just the current days ‘Word of the Day’ from dictionary.com or Learner’s Dictionary, use both or to wait a few days and use a few days worth from either or both sites. My decision is based on whether or not these words can be used in a #kidfriendly story or not. I find it refreshing to use bigger words to expand vocabulary but sometimes the words from dictionary.com are just too mature for younger readers such as today’s Word of the Day, supercilious. In this case, I will wait a couple of days and use a few days worth of Word of the Day words so I have something to work with.

My favorite part of writing these stories is using my brain power that wants to get the story out so I cannot edit as I write. This is a crucial exercise for me because I am typically a cautious writer, editing as I go which is not conducive to good writing. Editing has to come later, once my original words are written.


odd – adjective


  1.   strange or unusual : different from what is normal or expected
  2.   always used before a noun: happening in a way that is not planned or regular
  3.   of different kinds or types
  4.   not matched or paired with another thing or person
  5.   not able to be divided into two equal whole numbers
  6.   marked by an odd number
  7.   fantastic; bizarre:
  8.   more or less, especially a little more (used in combination with around number)
  9.   left over after all others are used, consumed, etc.
  10.   (of a pair) not matching:
  11.   not forming part of any particular group, set, or class:
  12.   not regular, usual, or full-time; occasional; casual:
  13.   out-of-the-way; secluded:


Now I am making a change to my process. In doing this I will accomplish two things. One: Encourage writers to get the writing down. Where I would spend an entire day getting the best story, I am now only giving myself one hour to write the original and then one hour to edit. Therefore, I will not have the ‘perfectly polished’ story but a good one none the less. And two: give myself creative freedom that a time constraint offers simply because I can not overthink as I tend to do. I realize this may sound odd and it is but odd in a fantastic way for me.



This being said, I hope you enjoy my stories from here on out. My proclamation: The story may be a little rough, but I got it down on paper (screen) and that is the hardest part. I promise it will be edited though as much as I can edit in one hour but the whole thing will be given two hours max and I hope it is enjoyable to read even though it won’t be perfect.

Now for your part, use word of the day selections from whatever source you have and write a short story in whatever time you give yourself. Feel free to share it on here in comments or not; the choice is a personal one.  The words are there just begging to be put to use and come to life.

Look for my new ‘Word of the Day’ story tomorrow and remember,  Just write!


#justkeepwriting #justkeepwriting


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