About the Quarterback

fubsy – adjective


  1.   British Dialect. short and stout.

sagacity – noun


  1.   acuteness of mental discernment and soundness of judgment.

dipsy-doodle – noun


  1.   a quick dipping, sliding motion of the body, as made by ball carriersin football to evade tacklers.
  2.   an act, movement, etc., to confuse, evade, or distract the attentionof an opponent or competitor.
  3.   shady dealings; chicanery.

inspect – verb


  1.   to look at (something) carefully in order to learn more about it, to find problems, etc.
  2.   to officially visit a school, hospital, etc., in order to see if rules are being followed and things are in their proper condition

framework – noun


  1.   the basic structure of something
  2.    a supporting structure : a structural frame
  3.   a frame or structure composed of parts fitted and joined together.
  4.   work done in, on, or with a frame.

flaw – noun, verb



  1.   a small physical problem (such as a crack) that makes something less valuable : defect
  2.   a small fault or weakness


3.   (used with object) to produce a flaw in.

4.   (used without object) to contract a flaw; become cracked or defective.



With the Super Bowl over people tend to forget about football for a while. Most people, that is. However, both teams are still thinking about it, including their coaches, owners, etc.

But the person on the football team thinking about it the most is the quarterback of the team who lost. After all, it’s their fault their team lost, correct? This is usually the consensus fans come to whenever their favorite team loses which is quite unfair to the quarterback. He is not the entire team, he is simply a piece of the puzzle fitting into the framework of the team which he is a part of.

A little tidbit about the quarterback people may not know: He most likely has long and lean hands, not fubsy, to grip and throw the football accurately. His hands may be perfect for this but without sagacity, the football would probably be intercepted most of the time. This incredible feature of his allows him to keenly be aware of his players positions on the field at all times.

Personally, I feel bad for Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers Quarterback. He played a winning season only to lose at Super Bowl. Don’t think he isn’t beating himself over this loss either. He is, like all quarterbacks do. He is going over every flawed play as to what he could have done to win. After Super Bowl 49, he knows the footballs were inspected to the tee so this could not be a factor in the loss. His dipsy-doodles to avoid being sacked did not help to win. So what can he do then to be better next year?

First, he can be proud for having a fantastic ’15-16’season. Second, he can be proud his team made it to the Super Bowl. Third, he can chalk the loss up to experience to use in his assessment for playing next season. And last, realize that it is just a game even though it is one that he is paid a lot of money to play. He is only one person on a team of approximately 50-53 players. It takes a village to raise a child, it takes an entire team to win a football game.

Now, on to an early spring.

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2 thoughts on “About the Quarterback”

  1. well said Traci. My own mind is often flubsy and even though i try to circumvent its awkwardness with dipsy-doodle, I often don’t have enough sagacity to revise my manuscripts so they read flawlessly. i’ll continue to alter their framework so they have a strong foundation!

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