Oh the Stupidity of Cupidity (Cupid’s Obsession)

cupidity – noun


  1.   eager or excessive desire, especially to possess something; greed;avarice.


forbidden – verb, adjective

[fer-bid-n, fawr-]


  1.    not permitted or allowed


2.    a past participle of forbid.




If I could write a little ditty on the stupidity of cupidity, I would.

However, since rhyming is not my forté here is a short little story to enjoy.


Cupidity sounds like it should pertain to romance or love and in a vain and crazy sense, it kind of does as in this example: a person may have the cupidity to possess more money than anyone else in the world because they love money. But this story is not about the cupidity of money, but rather the story about the cupidity of love (or Cupid’s obsession).

SWISH, SWOOSH, WHOOSH, whipped the wind.

Poor Cupid, he meant to shoot the arrow through the young lad’s heart and into the young lady as they passed each other. The lad was shuffling along when the arrow deflected and instead shot straight through the young mans cell phone hidden in his sleeve and into the young lady as she passed.

Swiftly, the young lady whipped her cell phone out of her front pocket and immediately began admiring it and caressing it. As she bumped into the young man, he said, “Sorry, I didn’t see you,” and she said…nothing and continued walking.

Cupid sighed deeply realizing his mistake. He hovered above them watching and hoping.

Now this young lad was quite smitten when he looked up to apologize (a smidge of Cupids arrow had touched him.) He promptly turned around and followed her as she pranced away, her cell phone bobbing in front of her eyes.

Cupid’s heart fluttered. Maybe his arrow had worked, he thought.

“Hey, I really am sorry.  I was n’t paying attention to where I was walking,” the lad called out.

She paid no mind to him at all, her eyes not leaving her phone.

He caught up, stepped in front of her anxious to get her attention. “Hey, I said I was sorry.”

She continued walking, eyes never looking up and simply strode past him.

Thoroughly disgusted, the young man shook his head as if clearing cobwebs and stomped the other way.

“Girls!” he huffed.

Up above, Cupid shook his head sorrowfully, he knew he had been beat.

forbidden- word of the day

“Now that electronics have taken over communication, love has no chance, I retire,” he said as he flew back home.

He placed his beloved bow and arrow in the golden cupboard by the door.

“I forbid you to bring love to people. I am sorry,” he said locking them in.

As he sat down to his computer to check his e-mail, hot chocolate in one hand, an idea popped right into his head: CupidsOnlineMatches.com, LOVE IS NOT DEAD!


The end.







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