The Brave or the Wretched

aeonian – adjective

[ee-oh-nee-uh n]

  1.   eternal; everlasting.

wretched – adjective


1.   very unfortunate in condition or circumstances; miserable; pitiable.

2.   characterized by or attended with misery and sorrow

3.   despicable, contemptible, or mean:

4.   poor, sorry, or pitiful; worthless:



This was a wretched day to be outside for all of the animals, even humans. Squirrels snuggled up tight in their nests; bunnies burrowed under snow forts made by garden leftovers; wooly bear caterpillars were cocooned up in their thick winter proof coats041

and every stray cat, fox  or mouse hunted for a not so cold  place to rest and sleep. The wind was whipping icy pelts of snow so fast it was hard to see much of anything and the air was so cold, breath froze instantly as it left warm mouths.

It was just such a day that Jasper’s owner dropped him off in the woods and left him.

That day when his owner put him in the truck, Jasper thought he was going to the farm again. His owner took him there every spring to be a farm cat, and in the fall Jasper came back home and was a city kitty again until the cycle repeated. His preference for his aeonian home would have been the farm as he was happiest there. On the farm, he hunted mice, shrews and rats and the humans there gave him cream as a reward, but he did look forward to being an inside city kitty in front of the warm fireplace during the coldest months too.

Instead, his owner took Jasper’s collar off, grabbed him and carried him into the woods. winter woody road He then set Jasper down, threw some fresh fish down and waited. This was a rare treat for Jasper so he peacefully ate the fish. When he finished, he licked his paws then looked up; his owner and the truck were gone. He did not know this place at all. He prowled the area but it was frozen with snow and the wind was howling. Soon so was Jasper.

That was weeks ago.

Today was Jasper’s lucky day.

Across the field he spotted a wide open garage door. He watched it for several minutes. He saw no humans come out or go in. As fast as his white and gray spotted legs could go, he ran toward it. wretched snowy day

Midway across, he halted;  a human walked out of the garage toward the road.

Jasper crouched down low following the human with his blue eyes. The human walked to a skinny pole by the road, opened a square box, took something out of it then closed it again. The box looked too small to sleep in though.

The human walked back in the garage and disappeared. Jasper watched a few seconds longer then sprung into action. He knew in this cold, the human would be putting down that door quickly.

Just as Jasper reached the skinny pole box by the road, the garage door started closing.

Click clack whir. Click clack whir.

He ran faster but not fast enough; the door banged shut against the frozen concrete.

“So close,” he meowed.

He prowled around the house staying close to it out of the wicked wind and icy, pelting snow. He crept around the corner, keeping his head low as the wind was now straight at him again. Jasper saw nothing behind the house but a small shed that was closed but he braved the wind and continued creeping around to the other side. Again, a small shed.

Click clack whir. Click clack whir. Click clack whir.

Jasper slunk closer to the house, rounded the corner and saw the garage door going up again. He waited, mostly hidden behind a snowy shrub. A truck backed out and down the frozen concrete. Not waiting this time, Jasper raced into the garage and hid. The garage door click clacked and whirred it’s way down again.

Happy to be out of the wind and icy snow, he nestled into a fuzzy roll tucked under a boat that he discovered.

A short time later, Jasper heard the garage door open, he stayed hidden until the door went back down. His tummy growled. Feet were moving away from him. He hadn’t eaten in a few days so he took a chance and softly meowed.

The feet stopped.


The feet moved toward his hiding place. He stepped out gingerly. Quickly four more smaller feet raced toward him and stopped. Jasper

The big human with the fuzzy hat held out her fuzzy covered hand. “Poor thing. You look hungry. How about you come inside?” The human held the door open, the little humans walked inside and Jasper followed.


Jasper is allowed to go outside in his yard only when the weather is not wretched and he is on his leash. He plays, cuddles, snuggles and sleeps with his family who took him in years ago and  knows he is with his aeonian family. Also, he never has to go for a ride because the big human is a veterinarian.

The End




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