HAPPY NEW YEAR: A Crazy Way to Start My Year Off



New Years Eve 2015 started off being a little tingly for me; literally. A little tingling sensation radiated from my neck on my left side down to my legs. Even my left arm experienced it. This came and went through New Years Day, then stopped. However, I had been quite fatigued for the past few days and not sleeping well. The holidays always make me a little anxious and this year, I had my first Christmas without our beloved Brittany Spaniel which was making this season even harder. I kept my symptoms to myself not wanting to worry my hubby or kids.

On to Saturday, January 2, 2016. I fully planned on writing my first blog of the year but at 11 a.m., I abruptly felt achy pain in my left arm that would not let me type. This pain continued throughout the day and finally before bed, I took a high dose of Ibuprofen. I slept well until the early morning on Sunday when I had to get up early to pick my daughter up from a friends house. My left arm was heavy so I drove with just my right arm.

Back at home, I went back to bed. When my hubby got me up at 11:20 a.m. I felt off and not myself, my arm throbbed again and my jaw was tight as was the back of my neck. I had some back pain in my lower left lumbar and when I moved my left arm, I felt nauseous. My mind started processing, finally. All of these were signs of a heart attack but again, I kept this to myself and told my hubby to go help out a friend on the north side of town. Irrationally I thought maybe a hot shower would alleviate the pain in my arm. So I took a long hot one and after getting dressed, the pain intensified in my arm and I felt sick to my stomach. Immediately I took a baby aspirin and ate some food since the aspirin never sits well with me on an empty stomach.

I called the ER and talked to a nurse who promptly told me to get my butt up to the ER. My daughters, who were sleeping, promptly took me when I woke them and told them and called their dad meet us there. Immediately I was hooked up to monitors, etc. and then sent for a CAT scan. My blood pressure was high for me at 142 over 90 and my heart rate 88.

American Heart Association for women

Luckily, the CAT scan showed no sign of a clot but my ER doctor did find a pinched nerve in my neck on the left side. When she massaged it some, I felt relief but when she quit, the pain came right back. My heart was fine.

The crazy part was that I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve which was responsible for my pain symptoms; this same nerve is also responsible the pain and the same symptoms when having a heart attack.

I felt stupid for going in when she told me I had a pinched nerve that was causing my pain, but she assured me I did the right thing coming in because it could easily have been a heart attack especially given my previous history with mild heart anomalies in the past. In fact, I was smart because women die every day from heart attacks because they ignore those signs that I had and do not go in and become a statistic. Also, she said that if I experience them again, to make sure I come in even though this time it was a pinched nerve because that may not be the case next time.

This is the list of symptoms you could experience and if you do, PLEASE get to the Emergency Room immediately. DO NOT BECOME  HEART ATTACK DEATH statistic. Instead, become the statistic that celebrates getting checked out and stops it. I am so happy I did. Cheers to me!

fizzy metal glass

Warning signs for a heart attack:

  • an abrupt change in how you feel
  • atypical pain, discomfort, pressure, heaviness, burning, tightness or fullness in the chest, left or right arms, upper back, shoulder, neck, throat, jaw or stomach (chest pain may be central, or felt “armpit to armpit”; in about 40% of women, no chest symptoms at all are present)
  • weakness, fainting, light-headedness, or extreme and unusual fatigue
  • shortness of breath, difficulty breathing
  • restlessness, insomnia or anxiety
  • bluish colour or numbness in lips, hands or feet
  • nausea, vomiting
  • clammy sweats
  • persistent dry barking cough
  • a sense of impending doom

Not all of these signs occur in every heart attack.  Pay attention if these signs come on suddenly or feel unusual for you. Sometimes they go away and then return. They usually come on with exertion, but may also appear when you’re at rest. Women typically wait longer than men to call for helpFind out why.


In fact there are also the silent signs of a heart attack and this link below will fill you in on those.



Now that I started my New Year with a scare, I am taking that as a sign to take better care of myself and work hard at my passion; writing children’s books. 2016 is going to rock! I hope it yours too.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! May you all have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2016!

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10 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR: A Crazy Way to Start My Year Off”

    1. Carolyn, Your blog is a blessing. I hope this message got across to many people and that it helped at least one person. Just got a follow up from my doctor today, just a pinched nerve thankfully and am off of the pain meds for the first full day today. Very happy about that. Am doing physical therapy to unpinch that nerve. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. Have a fantastic week!


    1. Thank you Sue! I have been pain med free for over 24 hours now and boy does that feel great in itself. I will start physical therapy for my neck pain but no more meds! Now i can get back to reading and writing which have been scatterbrained and crazy for the past ten days. I am excited to read Karen’s ms. 🙂 Hope you are doing well from your surgeries. 🙂


    1. Thank you Marcia! You are not joking about the security thing. Followed up with my Dr. today to make sure it really was not my heart and she agrees it is a pinched nerve in my neck but due to an injury where I fell headfirst into a lawn and garden can back in September where I bruised my pelvic bone (still trying to heal that up) but that I might have done a little nerve damage when I fell that just decided to show up due to changing how I move to alleviate the pelvic pain. The great news is that I told her no more pain meds. I cannot write let alone function normally on those things. Yuk! We will have a fabulous 2016!


    1. It is very scary. I have had two minor heart attacks already almost ten years ago now and that was in my very late thirties. I thought for sure that since I turned 48 in November, that my heart decided to have another go at it. Glad that is not the case for either of us. 🙂 The pinched nerve thing in my neck really threw me so I am glad that is the culprit for my pain. Are you getting physical therapy or anything for yours? I am still waiting to hear back from my doctor about an x-ray on my neck done last Tuesday. I fell head first into a lawn and garbage can outside while weeding and she thinks I may possibly have thrown my neck out of whack since I bruised my pelvic bone at that time and that is still bothering me. As long as my neck nerve is just pinched, I get to go to physical therapy for heat therapy and ultra sound therapy for both.

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  1. Yes, it’s surprising what a pinched nerve can do – my docs didn’t know it was a pinched nerve. They sent me to heart specialists who wanted to put me on medications and even talked of heart surgery to help with the arrhythmia if it got worse. I didn’t feel right about it all. No, I don’t do physical therapy – I tried that at first, but it made symptoms worse for me (my neck problem caused my shoulder to freeze). If your physical therapy helps, that’s wonderful! If not, ask around for recommendations for a good chiropractor. It’s a little intimidating to get your neck cracked, but it may help. I injured my neck in a fall from a horse 😛

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    1. Oh yikes! Falling from a horse is very scary to me. I do not go horse back riding for that reason. A chiropractor is my next option and I may do that along with the therapy. I tore my upper cartilage off of my upper rotator cuff in my right arm four years ago and had surgery to correct it but every now and then my right shoulder freezes slightly and I have to do my exercises to alleviate it. However, that is not the same as a pinched nerve in the neck causing the havoc. I am not real crazy about the doctors here in our insurance system so we will see what happens. May we both get some relief. 🙂

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