Rainy Days Are the Best

slugabed – noun


  1.   a lazy person who stays in bed long after the usual time for arising.

galaxy – noun

[galuh k-see]

  1.   astronomy : any one of the very large groups of stars that make up the universe
  2.   astronomy : the galaxy in which we live : MILKY WAY
  3.   a large group of important or well-known people or things


Nothing beats the sound of rain pattering on the roof or pelting the window. This of course applies to those of us who find the sound soothing, calming and relaxing. Steady rain calls to our soul, beckons our brains to shut down curl into our comfy beds and hibernate for at least a few minutes or half an hour more.


Then you have those of us who all of that wonderfulness goes further; we sleep or lay in bed enjoying the sweet sounds of rain,  quite possibly a few hours more. If this is you, then you are officially named a ‘slugabed’.


Now do not feel bad if this does indeed, apply to you. There are thousands of you in this galaxy of people here on earth. It is quite common. So pay no mind to those of us who are early risers and quick on the go.

If you hear,

‘Wake up sleephead,

Don’t be a slugabed.’

simply roll over and go back to sleep and join the rest of your galaxy friends.

If you are not, then catch just a few more Zzzzz’s, get up and enjoy your day. It’s a win win for both.





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