Lover of Words – PiBoIdMo and NaNoWriMo Participant

logophile – noun

[law-guh-fahyl, loguh-]

  1.   a lover of words.

streak – noun, verb



  1.   a long, thin mark that is a different color from its background
  2.   a quality that is noticeable especially because it is different from a person’s other qualities — usually singular
  3.   a period of repeated success or failure
  4.   a long, narrow area or flash of light
  5.   a vein, strain, or admixture of anything


6.   to mark with a streak or streaks; form streaks on

7.   to lighten or color (strands of hair) for contrastive effect

8.   to dispose, arrange, smear, spread, etc., in the form of a streak orstreaks:

9.   to run, go, or work rapidly

10.   to flash, as lightning

As a writer of this blog, picture books and young adult books, I recognize that I can be categorized as a logophile. Not only do I love books, magazines, newspapers, I love words in general and will read anything just to see the difference of words. And if I cannot think of the proper word for something, I enjoy making them up or thinking of other words that may work instead. Words like gobbledygook  gobbledygook (which btw, is a great picture book by Justine Clarke, Arthur Baysting and Tom Jellett) are just plain fun to say and spell, unless you really dislike spelling in general.

Therefore, when opportunities arise to create words and blend them together with other words, writers just have to open their minds to the possibilities that lay ahead.

The two opportunities that I myself am partaking in right now, at this very moment, (well not really as I m writing this blog) but this very day are NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month) and PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month).

NaNo is for writers who challenge themselves to write a 50000_eng[1] * or more word novel and for writers who prefer writing picture books which are 1,000 words or less, PiBo is the place to be.

As for me, I love both worlds of writing so I am partaking in both. However I am on a streak as the picture book ideas come into my mind streak, take root and grow, pushing my budding Young adult novel out of the way for NaNo.

Of course this bothered me at first until I realized that whatever is most important for me to accomplish first is going to win so when the words come to my head for the Young adult novel, I write them on whatever I have handy and type them in when I have the chance. I am no longer worried that my word count is behind because I know I am the eleventh hour deadline writer and I will succeed on both counts.

So if you too are a logophile like me and partaking in more than one writing event right now, no worries, the words will win out no matter.

#justkeepwriting #justkeepwriting


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