recondite – adjective

[rekuh n-dahyt, ri-kon-dahyt]

  1.   dealing with very profound, difficult, or abstruse subject matter
  2.   beyond ordinary knowledge or understanding; esoteric
  3.   little known; obscure

dam – noun, verb



  1.  a.    a structure that is built across a river or stream to stop water from flowing

b.    a barrier to obstruct the flow of water, especially one of earth,masonry, etc., built across a stream or river.

2.   a body of water confined by a dam

3.   any barrier resembling a dam


4.   to furnish with a dam; obstruct or confine with a dam

5.   to stop up; block up.

The realm of being in between states of existence, such as being between heaven and earth, the planes that hover between both worlds, is confusing to most people, to the extent of being absurd by many. Extensive research on the subjects of the plane of existence between heaven and earth still leaves those who are not recondite or esoteric, still in a state of mystery. I fully believe that the only way to truly understand this miracle is to give up the earthly life and ascend into heaven where true knowledge is gained and understood. I also fully believe that the mystery of it all is to be embraced even though it cannot be fully understood here on earth. I am NOT saying though that one should take their own life to achieve such status as that is against the law of nature which will lead to a state of unrest. (Strictly my belief.)

This being said, when these miracle occurrences do happen to people here on earth and the plane between both worlds connect each world, the dam of wonder is broken causing flooding of the tear ducts to overflowing proportions. This I have witnessed happening but not actually seen the connection; just the outcome of the connection. It can be jolting, confusing and awesome. I pay close attention to my surroundings after I have witnessed such events.

Every now and then, if you pay close enough attention, you will get glimpses. Nature itself is aware of such phenomenon. Most animals, plants, etc. know of the existence and pay homage to it in their behavior so if the least understanding forms of life on earth, aka, humans, could open themselves to this existence, I believe life on earth would never be hurried or harried. In fact, life on earth would be as it was meant to be: loving, supportive, kind and caring.

Maybe one day.


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