Picture Books: What’s Your Favorite Subject to Read?

Happy Monday Parents!

Mondays can be quite daunting, but Friday is only four days away now so keep your chin up. This being said, Mondays are great days to visit your local library with your kids.

I have numerous reasons for this. First, going to the library for books your kids want to read is a treat for them.

Second, as it is a treat, this gives you as the parent, an opportunity to learn more about your child’s interests in their world by what books they choose.

Third, this also gives you an opportunity to expand their world by introducing them to other subjects of books or genres or expanding their favorite subject into areas they did not know were compatible. Example: your child loves books about working trucks, show your child books about different rocks that may be found in a quarry or what kind of work the trucks do such as building homes and skyscrapers. Or introduce them to books (non-fiction is great for specific subject finds) about trees or farming. A rockredwoodshow a house is built schoastic-discover-more-farm

Now, some children are really drawn to picture books about subjects us parents would rather they did not want to check out such as bodily functions. However, these books too have a place in your child’s book repertoire. A book that addresses this bemusing subject will appeal to you as a parent and them as a child. This delightful picture book is written by Whoopi Goldberg, illustrated by Olo and is named, ‘WHOOPI’S BIG BOOK OF MANNNERS’. 

You know what your child likes to read but are there subject matters out there that you wish there were more picture books about? Maybe there is a delicate subject that your child is dealing with and if there was a picture book about this subject,  you may be able to help your child through a tough situation. Maybe your child really loves giraffes and only wants you to read them books about giraffes. Are there enough books about giraffes that your child will be satisfied with or do wish there were more because you really would like to read more than the five or six you can find.

As a picture book writer, I continuously read picture books, new and old seeing what is out there. I do have my favorite subjects to write about but I like to expand my knowledge. This is where you parents come in.

Please comment on this post about what picture book subjects you would like to see more of in the future. This will not only help me out but other authors as well.

Thank you!


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