That Dreaded Laundry

As promised a few days ago, I have more tips for you if living on your own.

Laundry is time consuming. Laundry can be expensive if you do not have your own washing machine and dryer. Laundry is also a pain in the you know what when so many clothes are now hand wash only.

(Note: Puppies never go in washing machine, they are always hand wash only in tub, shower or outside with a hose. If small enough, a sink works well. Do not get water in puppy or dog’s ears as they will then get an ear infection.)puppy washing

This is where the laundry tips come in handy.

  1.   If the washing machine you are using has a delicate cycle, put your hand washables into a zippered pillow case protector and place in machine. Wash on cold, hand wash cycle. Line dry, hang dry or dry flat per instructions on garment.
  2.   The best way to wash delicate bras, panties and other  lingerie items is hand wash them in the shower when you take one. Let the bottom of the shower or tub fill a little when you are done bathing and rinse out garments then gently roll items to wring them out. Once out of the shower, lay garment on a towel and then roll up in towel to finish wringing out. Hang dry.    drying rack These drying racks are pretty inexpensive and hold quite a few items. However, they are not sturdy enough to hold wet, heavy sweaters or blankets.
  3.   If this is not a comfortable option for you, place these items in a zippered laundry bag and wash on the gentlest cycle possible. Then hang dry.
  4.   If you have a fresh grease or oil stain, quickly soak the item in warm water (if not dry clean only- read the garment label carefully) and then rub Dawn dish soap into the stain to work it out.  Rinse well. You may have to repeat this process again to get the stain out fully.
  5.   Wash cleaning rags and regular towels/dish towels separately.
  6.   Keep whites, lights and colors separate for loads.

Coming soon, quick fixes for household problems.

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