Sorry for the Interruption

interrupt – verb, noun

[v. in-tuhruhpt; n. in-tuh-ruhpt]


  1.   to ask questions or say things while another person is speaking : to do or say something that causes someone to stop     speaking
  2.   to cause (something) to stop happening for a time
  3.   to cause (something) to not be even or continuous : to change or stop the sameness or smoothness of (something)


4.   Computers. a hardware signal that breaks the flow of program execution and transfers control to a predetermined                    storage location so that another procedure can be followed or a new operation carried out.

well-nigh – adverb


  1.   very nearly; almost:

Welcome to September everyone. Today is officially back to school for many students and for me, back to my webpage writings.

I apologize for the interruption of my daily musings these past two weeks. My hubby and I moved our youngest back into her college apartment over the weekend so the two weeks before hand were catching up on everything that needed to be done to do that. The work was well worth it as I know she will have a successful senior year.

Now, about work.

September has always been a favorite month of mine even though I have been out of school for many years now. I love the aroma of new school supplies in the beginning of the month and the smell of incoming autumn later in the month. Ironically, the smells of autumn are the ending of plant life but for me I associate the smell with new beginnings.

This is the first autumn without my beloved Brittie dog by my side which is bittersweet for me. I miss her terribly and wish she was still here but only when she was healthy and her happiest. I am glad she is no longer suffering and that she is reunited with her brothers and sisters and dog friends; this makes me happy to know.

Therefore, as it is a new beginning for me, I made a promise to my beloved Brittie (who is and will always be my muse) and myself, that I would give my all to my career as a children’s writer. Today marks the first day that I honestly know I will keep my promise and bring children stories they enjoy reading. My heart understands this and has told my brain to follow through so I know I will be successful.

As of today, I have several picture books that are well-nigh ready to send off to literary agents. And, when I finish this post, I will be hitting the ground running polishing them to do so.

Thank you readers, for being patient with me. I have so many writings to share with you. May you find something unique with each of them.

#amwriting #amresearching #amediting and #amreading

#justkeepwriting #justkeepwriting



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