Short and Sweet

twitterpated – adjective


  1.   excited or overcome by romantic feelings; smitten.

pensive – adjective


  1.   quietly sad or thoughtful
  2.   dreamily or wistfully thoughtful:

Pensive, yet twitterpated, is a state of mind that young love always encounters and may be considered one and the same.

Young love is not just for young. Young love is for anyone new to love, no matter the age.

The difference for young love in the young and the old is that the old is more likely to encounter the first definition of pensive and the young, the second definition.

Twitterpated may be antiquated, but it is still the same as ‘crushing’ or smitten.

Is it possible to stay in this state of mind? Your own person is the only to tell.

Sweet dreams dreamers and intellects. You are the chosen.


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