front door

Doors are the entrance to whatever is beyond them. For a residence, you could say, they are the opening to our souls and/or an offering glimpse of the people who are behind them. Closed, they offer a barrier to the outside world. Open, they welcome company to the world inside.

To some homeowners and renters, doors are just a means of security to keep people out and the people inside, safe. These doors are plain, to the point; nothing remarkable about them. Then you have the homeowners or shopkeepers who look for the best value for their need of a door and may or may not find a door that offers a little uniqueness to fit their character; ie. frugal, conservative. And then there are the people who like their exuberant personality, choose a door to fit them perfectly; ie. flashy, artsy, creative, confident, outgoing, passionate or clever. Last, there are the doors that are abandoned looking the same as what is behind them. All of these doors tell a story.

The door above is showcased behind a full reflective screen door. This door suggests that the homeowner(s) chose a standard door but painted it their favorite color to give it character; a little flair. The screen door chosen reflects the outside world and those who wish to go beyond it. This door protects the front door in more than one way. Possibly, the homeowners are conservative but have a flair for life and a little zest. Their choice of the full window screen door suggests it is for their own well being in that people who wish to enter their home reflect upon themselves before entering.

Take a look at the doors around your neighborhood or town, city, etc. What story, if any, do they tell you about the inhabitants inside?

Cheri Lucas Rowlands is credited for the feature photo of the green decorative door.


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