Why I Love Smashie McPerter (A Guest Post from Author Nicole Griffin!)


One of the best things about being a writer is getting to make up characters, and Smashie McPerter was one of the most fun characters I’ve ever gotten to invent! She is so energetic and hectic and nice and mistake-making and funny—I just love spending time writing about her. And you know what? It all started with her name. I was telling a story about something that had happened to a friend of mine and I realized midway I forgot the name of the person the story was about. So I sort of stuttered out “Smash…ie…..Mc…Perter” as a substitute name that would do for telling the story, but the name was so funny and silly that my friend and I spent the next week saying “Smashie McPerter” to one another and laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe.  As soon as I said it that first time, I knew in my…

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