A True Ubiety – Word Of The Day

ubiety – noun


1.   the property of having a definite location at any given time; state of existing and being localized in space.

Times Square is a favorite ubiety that people can count on to always be there. As for the favorite shops and restaurants that adorn the Times Square area, not so much.Times Square

Broadway itself is also considered a ubiety but the shows come and go and sometimes different theaters close down as well.

Central park, another ubiety, has been there since New York City was founded, but anything could happen to the Central Park Zoo, Strawberry Fields, the Mall and Literary Walk, etc., so if these are on your bucket list, then make plans to go soon as any natural or unnatural phenomenon could occur and take them away. central Park

strawberry fields

These of course are large scale examples of ubiety places. Smaller scale examples are in your area. (The Standard gas station that was at the corner of Main Street may have been a ubiety back in the day but is extinct now.) Take a road trip with the family. Find true ubieties, make note of them, like a time capsule, and in ten to twenty years, check on that time capsule and see if any of them still exist.

Have fun and stay safe on your travels.


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