otiose – #WordOfTheDay

otiose – adjective

[oh-shee-ohs, oh-tee-]

1.   being at leisure; idle; indolent

2.   ineffective or futile.

3.   superfluous or useless.

Stormy weather and holiday weekend afforded me reflective time to get caught up on my reading, studying and educating myself about the publishing world as well as enjoying much needed family time. I had leisure time which was wonderful and my otiose attempt to get on my computer proved to be a time to be relished once in a while.

My wonderful World of Words webpage here is still intact and being thought of. In fact, during my few day hiatus, I have become more creative and productive. Mini-vacations are a great way to achieve this in the life of a writer.

My writing hands are ready to work once again and this is the first excerpt of which I am willing to share publicly. The rest will have to wait until I am published.

I do promise to keep you informed though when that wonderful feat actually happens.

Stay tuned in to my daily prose.

Remember, if a day goes by without anything new on here, life is happening outside of the computer and that is a good thing.

Warm regards,



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