Lackadaisical Unreality (aka…Boring Imaginary Friend) Is No Fun – #WordOfTheDay

unreality – noun, plural


1.   lack of reality; quality of being unreal

2.   something that is unreal, invalid, imaginary, or illusory:

3.   incompetence or impracticality, especially in everyday matters.
lackadaisical – adjective
[lak-uhdey-zi-kuh l]
1.   without interest, vigor, or determination; listless; lethargic
2.   lazy; indolent
“Did you see that George?” Pete asked his friend, pointing the the sky, jumping up and down. No one else could see Pete’s friend but Pete knew he was there.
“George, you didn’t answer. Did you see that George?” Pete repeated. Pete flailed his arms toward the sky, pointing to the banner flying in the sky.
“Right up there George. No don’t look at the sun, you’ll go blind. It’s under the sun. Did you read it yet?” Pete was getting impatient with his friend.
George stared at the sun. sun at the beach
“I told you George, don’t look at the sun. Do you want to be blind? Huh, George?” Pete asked, shrugging his shoulders.
George still stared at the sun.
Pete followed the banner with his finger. “Free Ice Cream Cone Today. Max’s Ice Cream Shack. Stop in for one.”
“Oh boy, George, free ice cream cone today! Let’s hurry and get there before the whole beach does.” Pete said, jumping up and down. He grabbed George’s arm. George didn’t budge.
“C’mon George, we have to hurry,” Pete insisted. George stood still.
“Fine George, I’m going without you,” Pete said huffing and puffing. George stayed on the beach, staring at the sun.
Pete came back with a blue ice cream cone. “Look George, blue ice cream! Want a lick?” he offered. George was looking sideways.
“I’m over here George,” Pete said. George didn’t look at Pete.
“Can’t you see me George? I have the ice cream right here,” Pete said waving his cone in front of George’s face.
The ice cream melted over Pete’s hand. Pete licked the cone as fast as he could. He chewed up the last bit of the cone, wiping his mouth with his hand.
“That was the best ice cream cone ever George. You should have tasted it.” Pete said. “Want to build a sand rocket now?”
George stared sideways, not budging. “Fine, I’ll build it myself.” Pete told George.
An older boy walked up to Pete. “Can I help?” he asked.
“You sure can,” Pete said happily.
“My friend doesn’t want to do anything,” Pete said, pointing to George.
“Is he standing next to me,” the boy asked.
“Yup,” Pete answered. “He’s the most boring friend ever.”
The boy smiled, “I used to have one of those lackadaisical unreality’s too.”
“Oh,” Pete replied. “What was his name?”

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