Do You Suffer From Technophobia – #WordOfTheDay

technophobia – noun


1.   abnormal fear of or anxiety about the effects of advanced technology.

Elderly people are often thought to suffer from technophobia. I disagree with this. While some elderly people may not use much newer technology, this doesn’t mean they are afraid of it, just that they enjoy using what they know and are comfortable with. Their generation is known for their upcycling abilities and using until the item until it can no longer be used for anything else and this is a wonderful ability to have. They are a ‘waste not, want not’ generation and one the younger generations could learn from.

Technophobia relates to the fear or anxiety of the effects of advanced technology and actually this quite a rational fear to have if you look at history. Nuclear technology has proven to have severe setbacks and dangerous consequences that were never thought of when discovered. nuclear damage

Advanced technology also brought about home computers and internet which has proven to have some major setbacks as well. With this advanced technology comes advanced criminal activity as well. Tech savvy people found new ways to steal from people. net

Typically, people suffering from technophobia suffer due to the fear of learning how to use the new technology. There are so many gadgets with so many buttons to push or sequences to learn to use what use to be basic and simple and their minds go into maximum overdrive of fear because of it.

I admit, I ask my husband when it comes to setting up anything electronic. My head automatically think electronic processes should be so much simpler than they are. His brain automatically says they are simple. Not saying this is a Mars vs. Venus moment because it truly is not. Men and women equally either comprehend or do not comprehend electronics. I feel it is a left-brain or right-brain battle in this case.

One common cause of technophobia: “Popular culture, including sci-fi books, movies and TV shows can also instill this fear. Many movies including Terminator and I, Robot (which shows machines taking over the world and doing what the Humans are supposed to do) could also instill the fear in an anxious mind. Even early 19th Century literature classic, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, is based on the premise of how Technology could backfire.” –

I robotThere are more causes but this one was fun to elaborate on.

Historians believe the demise of Atlantis was brought on by the highly advanced technological advances of this city. The Atlantians are thought to have been so much more advanced than our current population has ever dreamed of because of their strong conviction to keep up their advanced ways, they failed to educate themselves on the downside to their advanced civilization and learn from it to ensure a future. Their arrogance and complacency in looking at the bigger picture became their destruction. Of course, this is just my theory based on the research I have done on the Lost City of Atlantis. There are so many possibilities. Mine offers me a fun subject to write about though. (Someday, a book will come from this musing.)


I know I suffer from technophobia to an extent, do you?

The possibilities are endless. #justkeepwriting #justkeepwriting


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