The Definiens of Unquiet (Sunday and Monday Word of the Days)

unquiet –  adjective, noun



1.   agitated; restless; disordered; turbulent

2.   mentally or emotionally disturbed; vexed or perturbed; uneasy


3.   a state of agitation, turbulence, disturbance, etc.

definiens – noun

[dih-fin-ee-uh nz]

1.   something that defines, especially the defining part of a dictionary entry.

2.   Logic. an expression in terms of which another may be adequately defined.

Yesterday can be defined as ‘The day of Unquiet’. Between the weather, the air in the house and the sense of gloom hanging over everyone’s heads, no other day could have been more unquiet. 

When an outdoor storm is brewing, definiens are easy to decipher; thunder in the distance, lightning in the sky, dark, gray clouds looming overhead. However, when an indoor storm is brewing, the definiens are often hidden by obscurity, ignorance or blindness in general. Whatever the reason, the storm brews more intense until it spills over, drowning everything or everyone in its’ path or it dissipates for it’s own reasons.

Finally the sun came out late yesterday afternoon and the indoor and outdoor storms seem to quiet themselves.

The scary part is the unknown if the sunshine will stay over a few days or not. That is life. After every storm, the sun will shine again and that is the known. Humanity can rely on that.


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