Stormy Weather- cavort – #WordOfTheDay

Due to consistent stormy weather yesterday, June 11, 2015, my computer was unplugged most of the day and therefore, no stories or Word of the Day entries on my blog.And…my cell phone is too small to do much typing on.

The good news is that yesterdays Word of the Day was an obsolete word anyways…‘sblood so no loss there for my type of writing.

Today’s word is cavort. cavort

cavort – verb


1.   to prance or caper about.

2.   to behave in a high-spirited, festive manner; make merry.

Stormy weather often makes for a highly creative day for me. The intensity of the storms induces flow of creative juices throughout my brain and body. My best ideas are usually brought forth.

So when the weather forecast said ‘Stormy weather throughout the day and night’, I was ecstatic, cavorting throughout the house. Lucky for me, my night owl kids slept through my commotion.

When I finally settled down, I knew my computer would have to stay unplugged, so I took pen to paper and starting writing my sixth children’s picture book.

The thrill of using my favorite method of writing kept my momentum going. Now today, I can start the process of editing my new book which is quite fun.

That said, I now need to end this #WordOfTheDay entry and get back to work.

It is FRIDAY so make it count!

Best to all of you,


#justkeepwriting #justkeepwriting


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