Floccipaucinihilipilification is NOT a Holophrase

The past three days worth of Word of the Days were not much fun to write about alone so I decided to wait until the end of the work week and use them all together. The words are starting from today and working back to Tuesday.


[holuh-freyz, hoh-luh-]


1.   a word functioning as a phrase or sentence, as the imperative Go!


[flok-suh-naw-suh-nahy-hil-uh-pil-uh-fi-key-shuh n]


1.   Rare. the estimation of something as valueless (encountered mainly as an example of one of the longest words in the   English language).




1.   the study of evidence tending to substantiate the existence of, or the search for, creatures whose reported existence is unproved, as the Abominable Snowman or the Loch Ness monster.




1.   Scot. and North England

      the armpit.
Babies and early toddlers speak in holophrases as they learn their first words. We all know them: NO! Momma! UP!
Holophrases often used at sporting events or watching them. They are a simple word with much power behind them when used as a holophrase.
Words that are not used often by ANYONE are really long words. There simply is no need for them in many conversations. Shorter words tend to get the point across better. Longer words work better when presenting ideas, etc. Oxter sweating politicians like to use longer words,(which in my opinion are meant to confuse the listener), thus speaking in tongues or using double-speak. This is when I find their words become a floccipaucinihilipilification.
The only other floccipaucinihilipilification that I can think of at this moment in time, besides double speak, are plastic bottles in landfills.
Political agendas sometimes include cutting funding of work cryptozoologists do. Cryptozoologists do valuable work in that they put to test evidence found to prove certain entities of legends do exist, aka. Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and the like. Skeptics consider cryptozoology to be a floccipaucinihilipilification. (I am not one of those skeptics.) Just because more people have not seen these legends does not mean they do not exist, just means these creatures are elusive.
To sum up, oxter sweating politicians would fare better if they used toddler speak or holophrases more often and put more stock into gathering evidence to support their floccipaucinihilipilifications making them almost as credible as the cryptozoologists.
I hope you enjoyed this little commentary of a strange story using most of this week’s #WordOfTheDay entries from http://www.dictionary.com. I find these keep my writing going when I have no ideas.
Happy safe weekend to you all!

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