Not a Whale Tale for Word of the Day

Yesterday was a perfect day for pan fishing yet not for actually catching fish. I spent the day with my husband fishing which was a much needed day of relaxation for us both. Therefore, I spent very little time on my computer and even less time writing.

Yesterdays Word of the Day was gainsay.

[geyn-sey, geyn-sey]


1.   to deny, dispute, or contradict.

2.   to speak or act against; oppose.


Today’s Word of the Day is middling. adjective, adverb, noun



1.   medium, moderate, oraverage in size, quantity, or quality.

2.   mediocre; ordinary; commonplace; pedestrian.

3.   Older Use. in fairly good health.


4.   moderately; fairly.


5.   middlings, any of various products or commodities of intermediate quality, grade, size, etc., as the coarser particles of          ground wheat mingled with bran.

6.   Often, middlings, also called middling meat. Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S. salt pork or smoked side meat.


Back to relaxing yesterday and our fishing escapade.

Despite Mother Nature’s gainsay with us over the weather and whether we should go out in the morning to fish, we followed the weather man’s advice. The weather report said rain, rain, rain in the morning, clearing off by two in the afternoon. We abided making it to the lake by 2 to start fishing.

Now the weather man is not always a great forecaster of the actual weather of where you want to be. There is something to be said for listening to your gut instinct since gut instinct is nature’s way of leading you on the right path. For the most part, following my husband’s gut instinct will never lead me astray. His gut said “fish in the morning”, his brain said, “listen to the weather man.”

We situated ourselves in the middling area of the lake where numerous other boats were anchored. Fishing lines went out on every side of our boat the same as the surrounding boats had. Those boats were there when we arrived so we figured they knew the hot spot.

An hour goes by, a few snags, but no bites. Careful sly watching of the other boats spied two fish being caught but not more.

” I think we should move in to the shore closer,” I tell my husband. He agrees and we move closer.

Another hour goes by, no snags, no bites.

“I think we should move to the other side of the lake by the island and fish off of the shelf,” my husband suggests.

I agree. My spot did not come up with anything.

We moved to the other side of the lake by the island where a couple of other boats were situated.

“This looks good,” he said.

The weeds were pretty tall and in five feet of water, the bluegills were surely hiding there ready to bite on my hooked redworm. I dangled my fishing pole out a few feet away where I saw flashes of silver, I figured my pole would be bent over any second. I waited.

And waited.

Half an hour went by and again, a few snags, but no bites.

“We need to get closer to the shelf of the island,” he said. We pulled up anchor and drifted in a few feet. This definitely looked better than the last area even at just a few feet in.

“I think I got one!” he exclaimed.

“Yay! I’m casting by your line then,” I responded.

He reeled in and sure enough, he caught a long, heavy strand of seaweed.

He smiled at me.

“Great catch.” I smirked playfully. I still haven’t even caught seaweed.

We fished for another hour, but caught nothing.

“You know, we should have come up this morning. I think the front that moved through while we debated, scared the fish off.” he told me.

“I believe you’re right.” I agreed. “Let’s head home. You can bring the kids out fishing tomorrow or Friday.”

“Good idea.” he said.

As we loaded the boat onto the trailer, two boats from our first middling spot, docked at the landing. We watched them unload their haul of bluegills and crappies into the fish house. They had quite a slew.

We overheard them saying they should have called it quits at one when the fish quit biting since they had close to their limit from fishing morning to noon. My husband looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

Yup, we should have listened to his gut, following Mother Nature’s lead.. The gainsaying weatherman got the best of us.

Live and learn.


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