quidnunc – Word of the Day

quidnunc – noun


1.    a person who is eager to know the latest news and gossip; a gossip or busybody.

I guess the shortest word for social media junkies could be quidnuncs. Of course, this would mean that all people who use social media use it just to learn the latest news and gossip.

Admittedly, I like to be aware of the latest going on in the world but usually not about celebrities, etc. I prefer to be caught up with world events, local events and people I find interesting in general, many of whom are not near celebrity status.

I find that better examples of quidnuncs would be none other than the nosy characters on beloved television shows. Probable is the fact that in today’s world these characters would be social media junkies, aka. quidnuncs, accessing the most up to date gossip.

Mrs. Kravitz, the Stevens’ neighbor on ‘Bewtiched’ is my favorite busybody character ever on television. I took great enjoyment out of watching Samantha mess with her. Other well known quidnuncs include: housekeeper,Alice from ‘The Brady Bunch’; mother, Marie Barone on ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’; Mr. and Mrs. Howell on ‘Gilligan’s Island’; Aunt Bea on ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ and Fred Sanford on ‘Sanford and Sons’.

They all gave us a reason to hear the latest gossip on each show. We cared what they thought even if just a smidge.

What a great word for Word of the Day from http://www.dictionary.com. Brought back fond memories of beloved television shows.

Conversation starter: Who is your favorite quidnunc in a movie or on television?


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