tatterdemalion – #wordoftheday

tatterdemalion – nounadjective

[tat-er-di-meyl-yuh n, –mal-]


1.   a person in tattered clothing; a shabby person.


2.   ragged; unkempt or dilapidated.

‘Life was rough on Charlie. First, she had a boys name; not short for Charlemagne or Charlene, just Charlie. Second, with no family to claim her, she bounced in and out of foster homes, each one worse than the next. Third, since she ditched the last one, she was alone in the streets fending for herself; a tatterdemalion is what the wealthy people called her when walking past. She wasn’t sure what that meant but guessing from her dirty, shabby clothes, she knew it was not a compliment.’

This could be the start of great new novel; the opening page.

Use this word in your next writing if possible or in conversation and see what sparks. New vocabulary is always fun.

#justkeepwriting #justkeepwriting


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