Word of the Day Challenge

Being off the grid so to say for my site for two days put me a little behind. I have three vocabulary words to use for fun to get caught up, therefore, I shall use all three words in my writing today. Should be interesting what kind of story I come up with.

scroop – verb, noun


verb (used without object)-

1.   to emit a harsh, grating sound


2.   a scrooping sound.

3.   ability to make a rustling sound added to silk or rayon fabrics during finishing by treating them with certain acids.

legerity – noun


1.   physical or mental quickness; nimbleness; agility

rubberneck – verb, noun


verb (used without object)

1.   to look about or stare with great curiosity, as by craning the neck or turning the head.

verb (used with object)

2.   to gawk at

noun, Also, rubbernecker

3.   a sightseer; tourist

4.   an extremely curious person.

My shortie:

Michael’s legerity put him on high alert when he heard the awful scroop of knives across a cheese grater.

He glanced around the crowded market square. He saw nothing worth noting and continued texting a message to his partner. Silence in the square on his part was crucial.

There it was again. Michael snapped to attention; that horrible scroop cut through the noise. It was closer now. He knew that sound. This was not a sound people were too familiar with until the tragedy that followed demanded they take note of it.

His eyes searched the crowd.

As his gaze shifted toward the east, his eyes were drawn to a woman wearing a scarf on her head, Jackie O. fashion. The woman was craning over a shorter woman’s shoulder clearly reading the phone in front of the shorter woman. The rubbernecking was blatant.

The Jackie O fashionista jerked her head up, caught, and looked right at Michael. He flinched as she stared him down. Her eyes narrowed, staying on him. Locking his gaze, she lowered her head, a bull ready to charge.

Before she could act, Michael pulled the Malaysian plane maneuver and disappeared in the sea of people.

The End

Write your story using these three vocabulary words and share them on my site. Looking forward to reading what you offer.


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