The scariest headline I have read in a long time is this,

‘U.S. Honeybees Are Disappearing Very Quickly, USDA Report Finds’

            Why so scary you ask? Bees sting and are annoying. Yes they do and are only annoying, in my opinion, if you are trying to eat or drink something sweet outside. To quote the article on the importance, ‘Millions of honey bees are relied on to pollinate plants that produce a quarter of the food consumed by Americans.’* But the decline of the honeybees in the US keeps increasing to alarming rates.

            Is that scary to you? It should be. If the honeybees and other bees and insects that pollinate our plants for our food, then our food supply runs dangerously low and we have to rely on other countries for our food supply which will make prices skyrocket.

            The USA has prided itself on the fact that we are self-sustaining but through our limitless efforts in ridding our crops of pests and disease, we are in fact creating the biggest threat to our crops EVER! The loss of our natural pollinators.

            Our country needs to abolish the use of pesticides for our crops and lawns. Pesticides and some chemical fertilizers are the cause of the mass casualties of bees. By getting rid of the bad guys, we are also getting rid of the good guys, creating the baddest guys of all: HUMANS. We are the biggest pest and harm to our own crops.

            How can you help? Spread the word on stopping use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Let the dandelions grow in your yard; they create delicious food/nourishment for our bees. Pull weeds by hand that you do not want in your gardens. Fertilize naturally. Compost. Go back to the basics.

            The beekeepers are doing what they can. ‘Beekeepers travel the country with managed hives to help the process.’* We have to do our part too.

            Chemical science has become chemical warfare on our own soils. Let’s stop it while we can.



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