Jay Asher Brings Bullying Awareness to all 50 States

The subject of bullying hits close to home for me in too many ways. I’m inspired to write this piece thanks to a fantastic e-mail I received from @PublishersWkly about Young Adult author, Jay Asher, going on tour through all 50 states with his YA book, ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’. I am so excited he is doing this. His book belongs in the health class curriculum of every health class for middle and high schools.

(Note: Jodi Piccoult’s, ‘Nineteen Minutes’ is also about bullying in schools. This too is an incredible book.)

Jay’s book, ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’, takes you to the darker place of insidious bullying. I endured both blatant and insidious bullying while I was in school (and even as an adult by an extended family member from when I was five years old until seven years ago when I finally had had enough) but I was strong enough to endure it and learn from it. Many kids are not and no kids should ever have to even endure it.

I was working in one of our local high schools in food service running a check out line when ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ came out. I saw first hand, that the bullying was getting worse and I stopped it when I could. One person is not enough though. If ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ becomes mandatory curriculum in the middle and high schools, a HUGE difference might be made.


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