Ripped Away

Simply put, time has always baffled Lisa. She never quite grasped that her concept of time was completely than the rest of the worlds’. Frequently throughout her life, this anomaly has triggered numerous fateful events, which to be fair, were not always her fault, just mostly.

Ransacking her apartment looking for the treasure she had forfeited had given way to loss. Loss of innocence, loss of not knowing, loss of fantasy and loss of time which usually eluded her but not now. Now, she was fully aware. What Lisa wished she had lost from this mess was her memory which naturally, was not allowed.

The combination of the booze and the prescription meds made Lisa’s mind logyHer original thought when she chased the pills with shots of Jack was that she’d sleep for hours and forget her heartache. She had not considered that her heart would refuse to allow that one luxury of sleep; that one wish that might just make the pain bearable from what she had done. Her mind was not allowed to shut down, she had to face reality in a lethargic stupor, the worst kind of punishment.

To be continued….


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