Wally the Curious Koala

“Ollie, I’m headed out to the city for some fun. Would you like to go with me?” Wally asked.

“Naw, I’m good thank you,” Ollie replied. “This tree here is pretty special and is calling my name for a delightful nap. And when I wake up, it will give up some delicious eucalyptus leaves as my snack and drink.”

“I’m rather bored with eucalyptus leaves Ollie. I want to see what’s beyond our forest. I want to explore, have some fun and try new food. Are you sure you don’t want to come with me?” Wally asked again.

“Naw, I’m good thank you,” Ollie repeated and settled in on the comfortable branch for his nap.

Off Wally went to the big city at the edge of the eucalyptus forest.

He stopped several times on his journey to climb a eucalyptus tree for a snack and to quench his thirst.

Finally, he reached the edge of the city. It was night time and quite cool outside, the perfect time to explore.

Bright lights and city sounds took hold of his senses. His eyes adjusted to his new surroundings. His ears listened for the sounds of predators and hearing none, he was off toward the first place that looked interesting.

At the edge of the forest was a black line. People carriers of all shapes and sizes zoomed across this line. Wally waited patiently to cross it. He had seen the people carriers in his forest and they did not look out for him or the other animals.

The first place past this line was a people dwelling with strange rectangular metal trees with one arm in front of it. He watched the people carriers drive up to these metal trees where the tree would  put its’ arm into their carriers. Wally decided these trees must give the people carriers water to drink like his eucalyptus leaves gave him.

As interesting as the watering hole for people carriers was, there was no fun there for Wally.

He walked on along the sides of the black lines until he came to another people dwelling. This dwelling was very large, very long and very tall.

“I am a little tired from my journey so far. Maybe this dwelling has a nice tree for me to sleep in a little while.” Wally said to no one.

Wally watched the people step in front of the door as it magically opened for them. When the people were inside, Wally stepped in front of the door too. Magically, it opened for him as well.

He looked around this dwelling. No people were present but there was a tree inside, right next to some soft looking rocks. Wally climbed up. The branches bent at his weight. Tired, he went right to sleep.

When he woke up, he snapped a leaf off and  bit into it.

“Yuk! This is a horrible tasting leaf. I cannot eat these.” Wally said. “I must go find some food.” He climbed back down and walked out the magical doors. Daylight  had come.

He walked and walked, avoiding the people who did not see him down by the black line that kept bumping into him. He spent all day trying to find any place fun to explore or any food that looked as good as his eucalyptus leaves. Discouraged, he decided to go home.

Darkness had fallen again. Wally walked on toward the forest. Before he could cross the black line, he stopped in front of another people dwelling. A delicious smell seemed to be coming from it and he was hungry. Finally, a person came out of the magical doors carrying a bag.

A breeze wafted the delicious smell towards Wally.

“This must be a food dwelling for people. I will go inside and find some food.”

Wally stepped in front of the magic doors. They opened. He walked inside. He smelled the air. Nothing delicious in here, he thought. Where are the people?

He walked around the room with the many strange shaped rocks that he had seen people sitting on in other dwellings he explored.

Not finding any food in this room, he walked into the opening of another room where strange metal objects and shiny little bottles lined a wall. Constant beeping and flashing red dots came from a metal tree with many arms and branches on it. “No fun and no food,” Wally thought.

He walked to the other side. On this wall were pictures of colorful plants, people, animals, land and trees. He sniffed the air again. He frowned.

Hungry and tired, Wally stepped in front of the magical door. It opened and he started his walk home.

He crossed the busy black line and into the forest. The first tree he came to, he climbed right up, found a comfortable branch and went  to sleep.

In the morning, he ate his fill of delicious eucalyptus leaves, filling his tummy and quenching his thirst.

By midday, Wally made it back to his tree next to his friend, Ollie.

“Good day Ollie!” Wally called out.

“Good day Wally!” Ollie called back. “How was your walkabout?”

“Full of adventure but horrible food Ollie,” Wally explained. “There’s no place like home. If I get hungry again for exotic food, I will search for a wattle tree. Will you go with me then?”

“Naw. This tree here is pretty special and gives me all I need.” said Ollie.

Wally bit into a leaf. “You’re right Ollie. I have all I need right here.”

The End.




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